Jul. 20th, 2011

I had a fever Monday evening. (And hell, probably all day Monday, too, but I was too busy being mildly productive at work.) I came home and took my temperature and said, "oh yeah, I was not hallucinating this."

I made an appt the next morning at Lyon Martin, and actually got a spot in the same day. That was a small miracle in itself. Symptoms? No congestion whatsover, but a nasty fever and a nasty headache and general lethargy. Thought it might be connected to the big ugly bruise I got last Tuesday from my fall. Doctor at LM poked (ow!) and listened and told me to go to urgent care. I might indeed have a bacterial infection.

Alex picked me up in the city and we drove back to Oakland, where I fortified myself with a grilled cheese sandwich and a spoonful of chocolate ice cream before preparing myself for a long wait. The wait was surprisingly short - yay me for going to Summit Hospital instead of Highland Hospital, where they bring all of the intense trauma cases. (Every violent crime story in Oakland seems to involve Highland.) I was seen within an hour, and the doctor decided that the bacterial infection possibility was small due to the fact that the lymph nodes were not swollen near the bruise, but that my wound was "righteous" (I loved him for saying that) and he was going to give me antibiotics to ward off the impending possibility of it going that way, as there was a yucky ridge created by clotting all along the edge. Oh yeah, and I also had a viral infection that was causing the rest of my symptoms, including last week's hives.

My head hurt so badly that he gave me Vicodin. And all it does is take the edge off, folks. This headache is not fucking around. I realized that I forgot to drink coffee today, so I just had that a half hour ago, and it took another edge off, but it is still hanging around. This has been the first time all day I've been able to read or look at a screen though, so I am considering that small progress?

Also? Fever, chills, waking up drenched in sweat at regular intervals. Eww.



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