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Geraldine blew her fuel injection pump last week.

I wasn't aware of this at the time; Alex went to move the car for street cleaning and a horrible rumbling and shaking occurred. We were getting Silverjack the Volvo back from the shop the next day and I wasn't about to get ticketed for street cleaning parking, so I decided that I had too much to worry about to start stressing my car again.

I looked today. Eeesh. Car doesn't want to start. Oil all over the f*cking fan belt and front of the car. Glow plug lights won't come on. I am pretty sure the pump is the culprit.
And I don't have the money or care to fix that shit. I am pretty much done. I wish the car had held on another week - the day after this happened, I got a letter from the Bay Area Air Quality fund, offering me $1000 to retire my car because it's from before 1989. The caveat? It has to be drivable, because otherwise they'd have a bunch of people towing in their wrecks.

I don't know if I could have done it, anyway - if I could have driven Geraldine to certain doom when I had no idea how much life she had left in her.

But now? I am pretty damn certain that the cost of replacing that pump will exceed that $1000.

Therefore, desperation plan A is in effect - I put up the whole sad story on craigslist and am offering the car for a pittance. If someone snatches it up quickly, I will not have to pay for repairs, future parking tickets, or re-registration in December.

I haven't figured out plan B yet.



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