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The other day, JR told me that the M train had been expanded to cover the rest of the dearly departed V train's route, and that they had consequently changed the color of the line to orange.

This made me sad, because I had heard that they had gotten rid of the Z train, and that meant that out of the original brown trio of the JMZ, only the J train would be left with the brown color code, sad and alone.

But no! I just looked on the MTA website at their subway map to see what other insidious changes they've made while I'm away, and the Z still exists. The M train may have made new friends and spruced up its appearance, but the J still has a friend (which runs for scant hours a day and does that annoying skip-stop thing, but whatever).

Other changes of note - they've expanded the G train so you can actually get to Park Slope from Queens!

And the W is gone, but they're running the Q up to Astoria, which actually makes a good amount of sense.

I know this is probably all old news to the locals, but I am fascinated.

Ah, NY. I'm going to buy a Metrocard and freeze my ass off next week!



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