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This morning, I was awoken by the kittens at the standard hour of 5am. They see a sliver of light, and they think it is playtime.

I got up and ate and decided to try to find a solution to the car woes one more time. I used different search parameters, and the #2 result on my list was a tire repair shop that opened at 7am on Saturdays.

I quite gingerly drove there (all three miles of worry and Oakland's famous potholes) and was greeted by a smiling man who managed to take care of me in about 15 minutes for a reasonable price. I was on my way to Santa Rosa!

So I did go to my class, and the end result is: I RODE A BIKE!

I mean, not far, and not very suavely. But in the third hour of the four hour class, it finally clicked and I was able to start from a pedaling position and do some laps around the track. My dismount is less graceful, but I do manage to remain standing (mostly) when I get off the bike.

There were four of us, all adults, ranging from my age to a woman in her 60s. We all entered the class not knowing how to ride, and we all left riding and feeling great!

I am sore. My hands are sore, my wrists are sore, my abs are sore, and OH is my crotch/ass region sore. But I flew today, and accomplished something I've wanted to do for a very long time.
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