I just rode all the way home from work!

4.4 miles, and while I was definitely getting tired and winded by the end, I never got so exhausted that I had to hop off. I was largely enjoying myself. :) I want to try out different routes and take a closer look at my bike map before doing it again - I ended up coming out on San Pablo a block north of Ashby and had to navigate that mess of an intersection. (For this, I hopped off and acted as a pedestrian, then illegally rode on the sidewalk for two blocks until I could get the hell off of Ashby - Ashby is a former one lane road that got converted to a two lane, and there's absolutely no clearance on the side of the road.)

I decided to go for it today because I rode down from work to a party in Emeryville last night, and realized that it had only taken me 22 minutes and I was 2/3 of the way home.

I am now closer to my ultimate goal of removing BART from my commute - and I've cut my commuting costs in half. I think that, for now, I'll take BART and trike the mile downhill in the morning to wake me up, and then I'll do the full trike ride home in the evening. Once I get my new pedals, I'll see how much of a difference they make, and if they do make it much easier, I'll consider trying the morning ride then.




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