Feb. 8th, 2011

For years, my mother would tell me that I used to sing along with this song when I was a baby, and I had no idea what song she was talking about. This being the era of cassette tapes and encyclopedias, she couldn't just go look it up. (Or, in more scary technology that I just recently learned about, you can use your iPhone to listen to whatever song is playing out in the world and it will recognize its musical signature and tell you what song it is - and give you the link to download it! That would have saved me a lot of grief as a 'tween, when finding out what song just played on the radio was a matter of life changing importance.)

She called it "let lovin' start," which is not actually the title, even though it's the most prominent lyric. But my boss from Berkeley had made all of these 80s music CDs during his brief tenure at the SF store, and left them behind for the SF folks to enjoy. And it was slow tonight, so I actually had time to change out CDs and listen to the 80s discs one through four.

On disc three, I heard the song. I wrote down enough of the lyrics to google it when I got home. It is called "Hold Me Now" by the Thompson Twins. It is 80s ballad cheese at its finest, and I admit that I rather enjoy it, on that level. Nice harmonizing, too. I can see why baby me would have perked up at it, and apparently I sang "wet wovin' start," because I could not pronounce L's.

Just picture it. AWWW.

You know that I totally just downloaded it on iTunes. That, and an Iron Maiden album. I have developed a growing appreciation for their craft.



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